Quality assurance all along the line

We guarantee that you can rely on the quality of our products at all times to 100% To this end, we have implemented a management system that strictly controls the quality during the entire production process and documents it:

Incoming goods inspection

For a first-class product to be made in the end, we attach great significance to high-quality products when choosing the raw materials: 4D beef, certified organic and MSC products. Strict quality controls when goods are received ensure immaculate initial raw materials. We make no comprises here.



Laboratory testing

Our raw materials are tested once again by an external accredited laboratory true to the motto “trust is good, control is better”. Beef is subjected to a DNA analysis, MSC-certified wild salmon undergoes organoleptic tests, other raw materials undergo microbiological tests. In addition, we have our gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan products tested for traces of allergens. Regular nutritional value analyses and residue analyses ensure that standards defined by law are observed.



Organoleptic testing

No production lot leaves our site until it has been tasted by us several times; at the beginning, the home-made sauces and fillings, at the end, the finished product. Not only does the taste have to be right but also the look and texture of Giacobbe pasta.



Production tests

The products are under constant monitoring by our quality managers. Weight controls, contaminant detection, temperature controls – any possible deviations from our high quality standard are determined immediately.



Dispatch test


At the end, we subject the products once again to a final control according to the strict requirements of the German Packaging Regulations [VPVO: Verpackunsgverordnung], before they wait for collection in our modern cold store. Should you wish us to deliver the goods for you, we cooperate solely with certified forwarders in global logistics that guarantee and document a continuous cold chain.