Pasta is our passion

Good food – we offer more than just fast and simple food.

Good food is gradually retrieving the significance it deserves. We have been showing proof for many years that convenience food goes along well with high product quality, sustainable production and a healthy diet. With our clean labelling, we provide you with full transparency as well as the declaration of all ingredients and substances.

Our Giacobbe good food standard

Beef from Germany

There is hardly any other type of food where trust plays a greater role than when it comes to meat. We are aware of this responsibility and only use “4D beef”. This means beef with proof of origin: born, fattened, slaughtered and cut into pieces in Germany.

With every incoming delivery, our laboratory satisfies itself by way of DNA tests of the quality and purity. An increasing number of consumers are also relying on our organic products with meat from controlled species-appropriate animal husbandry where antibiotics and hormones are not used.

Salmon from sustainable fishing

We contribute towards animal-friendly and environment-friendly fishing. The blue MSC seal confirms that our salmon originates from best practice and responsible fisheries that support a biological equilibrium in our waters.

Organic quality

We process the meat and vegetables in our organic products in organic quality, i.e. From ecologically controlled cultivation – where no pesticides and chemical fertilisers are used and there are no genetic modifications. We offer an attractive and certified range of organic products for both large-scale catering and for the end consumer.

Regionality – bearing responsibility

Wherever possible, we purchase ingredients locally from our Eifel farmers as well as eggs from deep litter and free range systems. This means short distances and producers we fully trust.

Free from substances subject to declaration - clean label

Food additives such as flavour enhancers preservatives, yeast, spice extracts or colourants have no place in healthy food. Our pasta thus only contains ingredients that are meant to be in pasta. This is the basic principle of the Giacobbe purity requirements.

Free from palm oil

Palm oil is the world’s cheapest vegetable oil. Oil palm trees are predominantly cultivated on illegally cleared areas of our tropical rainforests – with fatal consequences for mankind, the climate and the environment. Our consistent renunciation is a clear statement for the sustainable handling of our planet.

Vegetarian and vegan food

We support people who have decided in favour of a vegetarian or vegan diet and lifestyle. With our vegetarian and vegan products, we offer a tasty range of products for ethically sustainable consumption.

Lactose- and gluten-free – indulgence with full transparency

Many consumers suffer from intolerances and hypersensitivities to certain foodstuffs. We clearly indicate all ingredients and substances in our product data sheets. We offer a special range of tasty products for people with lactose or gluten intolerances.